About Us

Memstar is the membrane production arm of CITIC Envirotech (CEL) Group, a Singapore listed company, specializing in technologically advanced membrane-based water & wastewater treatment. We are equipped with advanced manufacturing facilities in Singapore, China, and USA, a global and experienced sales and technical support staff , and strong R&D capabilities.

Our proprietary membrane technologies include high performance PVDF hollow fiber (HF) products for membrane bioreactor (MBR), pressurized and submerged ultrafiltration (UF) membranes, and reverse osmosis (RO) flat sheet membrane. These products are used in various applications including surface & sea water treatment, municipal waste water treatment, industrial wastewater treatment, pretreatment for reverse osmosis, and point of use (POU) desalination for residential markets. With >400 installations treating >6,000,000 m3/day (>1.6 billion gallons/day) of water, we are within a select group of manufacturers with a reputation of delivering consistently high quality products to meet any need.

Finally, our manufacturing capabilities are among the largest and most advanced in the world. Notably, we are one of the few companies with capabilities to manufacture both NIPS and TIPS PVDF fibers and we are the largest manufacturer of TIPS PVDF products globally. Our scale of manufacturing allows us to bring these technologies at better prices than our competition.

At Memstar, we are committed to improving economics and performance capabilities of membrane technologies to promote their widespread application.  

To improve the quality of people’s lives with clean and safe water.

At Memstar USA, we bring expertise and innovation to develop and supply economical and sustainable membrane technology solutions to treat the world’s drinking water and wastewater.

Hollow Fiber – UF & MBR

 Long Life
 Extreme Chemical Tolerance
 Highest Recovery
 High Surface Area
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Reverse Osmosis

 High Flux
 High Rejection
 Easy to make into elements
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Direct UF Replacements

 Drop-in Replacement
 Equal or Better Quality
  Potential to Increase Surface Area
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