Direct Competitor Replacements

Memstar has developed a direct replacement product line to provide customers who use UF/MF or MBR products made by other manufacturers an option. Customers have lacked the flexibility to change manufacturers for replacement membranes in the past due to proprietary module designs by the original module manufacturers. Over the lifetime of a facility the membranes could need to be replaced multiple times and being “locked-in” to a single membrane supplier is bad for customers, restricting the ability to change to better products and eliminating the competitive process.

We have overcome the barriers and engineered replacement products that are drop-in, plug and play replacements. These modules utilize our best-in-class fiber technology enabling customers to upgrade to the best products in the market.

We have both pressurized and submerged drop in products for most of the major models in the market using membranes with an outside to in flow path.