Hollow Fiber UF & MBR

Our fiber technologies are core to every product and our flagship fiber platform is the patented 3G-TIPS technology. Modules using this fiber outperform the competition, achieving high flux, less maintenance, cleaning flexibility to restore performance due to unexpected fouling, and longer service life. This unique polymeric science and Memstar’s fabrication know-how yields a fiber with a dense crystalline structure that is permanently hydrophilic having the following features:

  • Unique surface characteristics with a highly precise pore size & narrow distribution
  • Permanent hydrophilicity
  • High mechanical strength
  • High oxidant (including ozone) tolerance
  • Unparalleled alkalinity resistance (≤5% NaOH)
  • Wide adaptability to various feed waters
  • Improved membrane permeability

Additionally, we have successfully developed and deployed many proprietary operational methods to optimize membrane system performance which reduces cost and waste. For example, our pressurized UF membranes do not utilize a liquid backwash as is standard in the industry leading to reduced CAPEX and increased overall recovery.

Product Certifications

  1.  California Department of Public Health LT2ESWTR compliant
  2. China National Health Inspection Approval
  3.  NSF/ASNI 61 Certification