Memstar’s state-of-the-art RO flat sheet manufacturing plant at Conroe, Texas utilizes the most advanced equipment and methods to manufacture consistently high quality membrane products while reducing the costs for customers. Both the flat sheet manufacturing process and the flat sheet product itself have been re-conceptualized and redesigned to solve the challenges and demands of residential RO element producers. The membrane flat sheet product provides superior performance while reducing costs and waste.

Key Features and Benefits

  1. On-line monitoring and process control eliminates variation in membrane quality, provides consistent and reliable performance
  2. Higher flux membrane for higher throughput for tank-less RO systems
  3. Excellent mixed-ions rejection for all water sources and superior product water quality
  4. Lower RO element manufacturing costs
    • Eliminate wastage/damage with pre-slitted membrane
    • Reduce materials usage with high flux membrane
    • Minimize scrap rate due to superior glue penetration